Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

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Picking your wedding gown was amazingly exhausting, or so you thought. Soon you will discover that choosing the bridesmaid dresses can be as equally strenuous and confusing. Keep in mind that the bridesmaids should wear clothes that would not outshine the bride; nevertheless, they should not look unsightly as well. Coral's Bridal has been in the wedding dress business for the longest time and they can provide the finest bride and bridesmaid dresses for your most special day.

To help you select the right bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, here are a few tips.

First off, you have to achieve the right feel. Look for the dress that brings to mind the same feel as your wedding dress but does not look quite similar to it. As the bride, you would want to look as distinct as you can without disrupting the consistency of your wedding motif.

Even if it seems that all your bridesmaids are about the same body size, when choosing bridesmaid dresses, one size does not fit all. Find a style that looks good on most body types like for instance A-line skirts.

You can also choose the type of fabric and color combination for the bridesmaid dress and let each bridesmaid select the dress cut that will suit her. A dress that would look great when worn by a petite lady would not fit well with someone who is tall and voluptuous.

It would be best if you can pick a dress that your bridesmaids can still wear in the future, something that can be used again in other equally important occasions such as yours. Dark-colored dresses like hunter green and navy are neutral hues for most types of women and they can be definitely worn to other formal events.

To get an idea of the clothing attitude of your bridesmaids, you can ask them to go window shopping with you. Take note on the fabric and style that they are happy with and you can use the information when choosing the design of their dresses.

A wedding usually lasts more than an hour and that is the very reason why you should pick wedding clothes that will not cross your comfort level. A happy wedding is a comfortable wedding. The weather is also an important factor in choosing the bridesmaids dresses. It will have a major effect on how fresh and accommodating they would feel in the entire wedding ceremony. Summer and spring requires light fabric such as silk and chiffon. Heavier clothes are a must during winter and fall and you can go for velvets.

It is your wedding and you will have the final say even in the choice of bridesmaid dresses. Discuss you wedding motif with them and be open to their suggestions.

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