What is a Clinical Thermometer and How is it Different from Other Types of Thermometers

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Clinical thermometer is a kind of thermometer designed for clinical use in humans. There are factors that are considered when it comes to the design of this type of thermometers including the need to minimize the risk of cross contamination between the patients. A lot of drugstores are carrying clinical thermometers that are designed for home use by those who want to monitor their temperature or that of their loved ones. They are likewise accessible from medical supply catalogs.

Clinical thermometers used to be made with mercury but nowadays, mercury thermometers are seldom seen in clinical use. This is because the issue with clinical thermometer made with mercury is that when it breaks, the mercury inside can be spilled, posing a risk for the health of human. In addition, these thermometers were also difficult to use as they have to be held in place for a number of minutes and have to be swung to resent. This type of thermometer is basically designed to hold mercury in place after maximum temperature has been reached and will be taken out to read the temperature of the patient.

A clinical thermometer can be inserted into the ear, mouth, armpit or anus, depending on its design. Some are designed also to attach to the forehead. Because of the fact that clinical thermometers are inserted into intimate locations, it is important for it to be sterilized properly. Besides sterilization, calibration is an important issue as well. This is because it is vital to get accurate reading when a few degrees could create a huge different. A clinical thermometer should be easy to use and read to make sure people that one gets proper readings.

Some companies are getting around the issue of sterilization with single use designs of clinical thermometer. In cases like this, the thermometer is designed to be used one a single patient and will have to be discarded after use. Other clinical thermometer manufacturer design thermometers that can be wiped down thoroughly and which are meant to be used with probe covers. These are disposable plastic covers slipping over the part of the thermometer inserted to reduce the risk of microorganisms that might be passed between the patients.

Clinical thermometers http://www.huaan-med.com/ are calibrated carefully during the time of manufacturing. Some have calibration guides in them that people can use in calibrating in their own practices while in other cases they can be set back to the manufacturer for calibration. If you choose to get cheaper thermometers, chances are you might get disappointed because it is not reading properly. So instead of spending more time trying to calibrate it, you would rather discard it. It will cost you more in the end because you will have to purchase a newer one.

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